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Level: Athletic Beginner/Intermediate

— Option for Livestream and In-studio —

Wake your Sunday up with this flowing class as you greet the middle of your weekend with a boost of refreshed energy. This class is based on the logic and structure of Hatha Flow, and moves at a slightly more moderate to intermediate pace. Each class guides the student to practice at their own level in order to develop a peaceful and centered practice. Challenges and options to go deeper appear in the sequence but lead toward a relaxing Yoga Nidra.


Level: Athletic Beginner/Intermediate

— Option for Livestream and In-studio —

Hatha is the umbrella term for nearly all of the various styles of yoga being practiced in studios across the globe. This Hatha-based class adds flow to get you moving and connecting with your mind, body, and breath. It is intended to help strengthen, purify, and prepare the body for deeper and more subtle yoga practices.

Hatha Flow is primarily influenced by the teachings from Integral Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. The class focuses on developing smart alignment and establishing a basic understanding of yoga on and off the mat. Well suited for all yoga practitioners and open to new yogis ready for a challenge!


All Levels Welcome

— Currently Livestream Only —

“Taiji (Tai Chi) is an embodied philosophy… a form of moving meditation, a medicine and a martial art. Sometimes at the beginning of the practice, I find my emotions and thoughts are crowding my mind. But the more I practice, the more I get into my body and all of those things drift away. When I get to a deeper level, I tap into an internal resource of strength, flexibility and balance.” – Brett “Fox”

Taiji is the study of Yin and Yang from the human perspective. It is a method that teaches us to embody the forces of nature and to strive for Peace in every aspect of our lives.

This class is designed for those who have no previous experience, however any experience with yoga, qigong, dance or martial arts may be useful. In this class, we will have a dual focus on structural alignment through forms as well as cultivating softness and flow in between these postures. My Shifu, Mike J. Ng, often emphasizes proper structure, body mechanics, and fluidity as central principles of this art. Our class will explore the question of how to incorporate these and other central concepts to Taiji philosophy.


All Levels Welcome

— Currently In-studio Only —

End your week with a fun, uplifting Hatha practice that also aims to create a peaceful and centering experience as well. Whether you’re coming straight from work or you’ve had the day off, this class just might be that perfect transition into the weekend. This 1-hour class is based on Marc’s Hatha Flow and includes the Sun Salutation variations, classic postures with creative transitions and always concluding with rest and restorative time. Each class offers variations and supports every level. On the first Friday of the month, you’re welcome to hang out for the non-alcoholic, plant-based tea social after class and get to mix and mingle with your classmates. 6:30-7:30pm PDT.


Level: Welcoming the New Student, Beneficial for All Levels

— Option for Livestream and In-studio —

Following the Integral Yoga sequence, this class includes chanting, netra veyayamam (eye exercises) yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Pranayama (breathing practices) and a brief meditation at the conclusion of the class. Primary focus of this class is on breath and body connection, to build the flowing relationship with effort and ease. Different than Hatha Flow, this class retains the classic focus of hatha yoga: The goal being to not agitate the mind but to create a calm, centered, concentrated effort with mind and body.