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The Golden Present – Daily Inspirational Readings by Sri Swami Satchidananda
with new readings and responses by Marc in 2021.
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June 15th: “Day Turns Into Night, Night Turns Into Day”

 As the World Turns, these are the Days of Our Lives, and we have One Life to Live! That’s what came to mind! 😀 (Those are all American soap opera names from the 80’s) I briefly followed a soap opera back in my high school years, I’m not even sure which one. But I was always amazed by how much could happen in a single episode! Wow, this is unrealistic! How could so much happen like that in real life. But then, I’ve come to learn that a lot does happen in one day’s time. Far, far more than any one of us can even imagine. Each person, animal, plant, insect, bacteria, cell – all have their own story to tell. Each star, galaxy and universe have stories to tell and we are trying our best to make it through the movement of life. I believe we can not only make it through, but we can thrive if given the right support.

Satchidananda starts off with the effort to empower each of us: “Never be afraid of anything. A person with fear dies every minute. Remember that. Know that change is a part of nature. Things will always come and go, join and separate, make again and break again. Daily, you see that.” So rather than be obsessed with the changes, let’s be obsessed with living life to the fullest with the greatest love for all beings! Yes, I believe this is possible when we can become humble enough to recognize the gift of our one life. We can become consumed by the worldly aspects and indulge our senses for our entire life, or we can enjoy just enough but then find a way to help serve others who may benefit from what we have to offer.

Finally, I love this sentence by Swami Satchidananda. when describing who we truly are: “The unbreakable one, the soul, your consciousness, which you call the Self. That always remains because consciousness never changes.” That is the journey of our practices, to understand and build a sincere relationship with our Highest Self.